Lunch Specials

Riverview, FL

At La Familia Latin Hot Food & Grocery, we base our expertise on experience and quality. We can effortlessly pamper all our customers by simply falling back on the experience we've gathered over the years. Our Riverview, FL Latin Grocery store is all about excellent pricing, excellent quality, and excellent customer service. We understand that there is a constant need for fresh meals and fresh produce, and we'll customize our services to suit your individual needs.

La Familia Latin Hot Food & Grocery pairs a creative wines list with extraordinary dishes, including phenomenal ceviche and desserts that are to die for. Our friendly staff is always ready to take your order, making sure waves of authentic Latin meals keep flowing your way on demand.

Come enjoy our contemporary setting, and a marvelous atmosphere that is sure to improve your dining experience at our fine establishment. Our restaurant's unique and diverse dining experience has earned us recognition among the residents of Riverview, FL. While our d├ęcor does most of the work for us, our great cuisines and wonderful atmosphere attract most of the attention.

Our lunch specials and dinners are made from the finest ingredients to make our dishes some of the most sought after in this area. Whether you are looking for a steak to grill or are simply buying your kids some sweets, our Latin grocery store is here to cater for your needs. Whether you crave some of our classic meals or searching for a newer culinary dish, you can always count on us to provide you with the freshest meals you'll find anywhere else in Riverview.

Come join us for a remarkable dining experience or simply shop for some Latin ingredients for a DYI meal preparation. Call us today for more information or if you have any questions concerning our services.