Cuban Sandwiches

Tampa, FL

Are you a resident of Tampa, FL looking for some authentic Latin American dishes? Well, visit our La Familia Latin Hot Food & Grocery for an exquisite dining experience. We offer all sorts of Latin American cuisines that will have you licking your fingers afterwards.

Step in for our famous Cuban sandwiches, guacamole, tacos, tortillas and tamales. Our supermarket is well equipped with fresh Latin produce that will improve your cooking experience no matter what type of meal you decide to prepare.

Our friendly staff will take your order with a smile, making sure you enjoy your experience at our beautiful restaurant. The ambience is great and the space is lush. You and your loved ones can choose a table, laugh and talk away as our professional waiters keep waves of delicious Latin American cuisines flowing your way on demand.

And that's not all! Our wines list is one to die for. We offer all kinds of wines with our meals, making our joint a one stop shop for all your dining needs. Take home some fresh meals if you decide to take out, or simply seat in one of our tables and enjoy your meal in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Bring your date, friends, and family, and we promise to make your time with us a memorable one.

Our appetizers are exceptional and our prices are extremely reasonable. Our years of experience make it easy for us to cater for all our customer needs. We understand that you want authentic and delicious Latin meals served in a professional manner and our staff will always be there to cater for all your needs.

Call us if you have any questions regarding our menu or simply visit us for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. We hope to see you soon.